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Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas

Pick Window Treatments That Operate Like the Door Sheer window treatments make it easy to enjoy the sun that streams through into this formal dining room designed by Lagnappe Custom Interiors. And when it comes to a window treatment's functionality, Lagnappe's Tiffany Cassidy weighs in with a few key pointers.“We always recommend a window treatment that operates the same way your door does," the designer says. "With sliders, you will want something that moves side to side, not up and down."She offers a few pointers when it comes to sizing specifically. "Have curtains configured so that they stack on the side of the stationary glass panel," Cassidy suggests. "If the space on the wall allows, the window covering should push...

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Unique and Fun Room Ideas for Teens

  Decorating a teen's room is a challenge that is best approached as a collaboration between parents and children. Letting your teen have some control over their room's decor will help them to feel invested in the outcome, helping to ensure that the space is a reflection of their evolving tastes and personality. Depending on the age and personality of the teen in question, the perfect bedroom for an adolescent might retain some of the familiar remnants of childhood, embrace a sense of playfulness and teen spirit, or lean toward an adult space that looks as grown up as they feel. Check out these bedrooms from a range of interior designers that are thoughtfully decorated to help teens study, relax,...

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10 Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom

A bedroom should be a personal getaway, a sanctuary, which expresses your favorite colors, feelings, and collections. Learn the main rules to remember when decorating your bedroom. >> Make your bedroom another version of yourself Choose Subtle Color Instead of bold primary colors, choose soothing shades and a restful palette of monochromatic tones. Remember color theory: gentle hues of blue, lavender, or green are considered calm and serene. Rich jewel-toned hues help set the mood of coziness and comfort. These might include toasty browns, deep pomegranate, or topaz. Use toned-down versions of your favorite colors in the bedroom." That might mean choosing mauve instead of eggplant, or pumpkin instead of tangerine. Don't Overlook the Ceiling The ceiling is the fifth...

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