Unique and Fun Room Ideas for Teens


Decorating a teen's room is a challenge that is best approached as a collaboration between parents and children. Letting your teen have some control over their room's decor will help them to feel invested in the outcome, helping to ensure that the space is a reflection of their evolving tastes and personality. Depending on the age and personality of the teen in question, the perfect bedroom for an adolescent might retain some of the familiar remnants of childhood, embrace a sense of playfulness and teen spirit, or lean toward an adult space that looks as grown up as they feel.
Check out these bedrooms from a range of interior designers that are thoughtfully decorated to help teens study, relax, entertain, sleep, and be alone with their thoughts in comfort and style. 

In the Zone

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This teen bedroom from Melbourne, Australia-based interior designer Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors is spacious, tailored, and grown up enough to last until they leave home (and will work just as well if they move back in after college). The airy room has a rich medium-toned blue accent wall for a grounding effect, and is dressed in shades of blue, white, and gray that gives the space cohesion. Distinct zones for sleeping and chilling out and plenty of floor space creates plenty of room to play around, relax, and breathe.

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This teen bedroom from Urbanology Designs is full of lighthearted boho-chic design touches like a macrame wall hanging over the bed, a mix of patterns and textures on the bedding, a hanging woven pendant light, a trio of macrame plant holders suspended from the ceiling, and mismatched nightstands.


room ideas for teens

In this lively teen bedroom, horizontal striped wallpaper, striking wall decorations, and a palette of black and white accented with dashes of primary red, yellow, and blue creates a dynamic feel that is playful enough for a kid without feeling too childish.

Floral Ceiling

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This teen room is dressed up and full of glam touches like a crystal chandelier, jet black wall paint, a blingy gallery wall, and a dramatic ceiling covered in dreamy dark floral wallpaper in a giant rose pattern.

Clean Lines

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This minimalist teen bedroom from interior designer Sara Simon of Handsome Salt has clean lines, a black-and-white palette, wall hooks for a neat display of ball caps, and a hanging chair in the corner that adds a laid back mood.

Pink Boho Style

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This cozy teen room has a retro feel, with eccentric boho design touches like the patterned tie-dye effect wallpaper, rattan furnishings, and kilim throw pillow, and a palette of pink, white, and brown that has bona fide '70s style.


room ideas for teens

In this shared teen room, vintage furniture, lighting, and thrift store art with a whimsical sailor theme adds personality and wit and a sense of timelessness to the space. A modern dresser, pale wood floors, and soft white walls keep the room feeling current.

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Pink and Blue

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This teen room mixes soft pastel blue and pink with white accents to keep it feeling light and bright, and patterned accent pillows and a graphic pouf that add interest and sophistication. A curvy sofa beneath the window provides a dedicated place to relax and hang out, leaving the bed for sleeping.

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This teen bedroom is done up in warm and cool tones of gray and silver, with a mix of soft upholstery, tough industrial storage and shelving, witty wallpaper and a neon slogan over the bed that adds a bit of winking attitude and edge.

Alcove Bed

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One way to make a teen bedroom feel more grown-up is to use a daybed that is comfortable enough to sleep on but can double as a hang out space by day. In this bedroom, a dreamy alcove daybed corner has Moroccan style with a Moorish-inspired cut-out, muted pink paint, an inlaid side table, and a mix of textiles.

Wall Mural

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A vibrant blue mountainscape wall mural sets the tone in this colorful, comfortable teen room, with mismatched patterns and a mix of color accents that add dimension and keep the dramatic wall treatment from overwhelming.

Cheerful and Bright

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This spacious bedroom is perfect for a young teen, with its bright patterned wallpaper, and mix of pastels and neon accent colors on furnishings and decor, from the upholstered canopy bed in a surprising shade of lavender, to the fuzzy pink desk chair, lemon yellow throw blanket, and hot pink and white striped throw pillows.

Come Sail Away

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In this polished teen bedroom, a nautical theme is carried throughout the space with a toy sailboat, framed nautical drawings, and sailor stripes on the windowshades. A four-poster bed, vintage trunk, and classic fireplace give the room a grown-up feel that is playful enough for a growing teen.


teen room ideas

This teen room has powder blue walls, pink accents, and a mix of vintage style furniture and decor that creates a homey and inviting place to hang out with retro chic style.

Bold Accents

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In this airy teen room, the blue and white wallpaper adds subtle texture to the walls, while patterned bedding and decor accents in primary yellow, red, and blue infuses the space with energy and spirit.

Hanging Chair

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This teen room has a soft palette of pink, beige, and white, with matching pink bubble lamps and airy white end tables that give it polish and symmetry, and a hanging chair that adds a sense of whimsy and extra seating in the modest sized space.

In the Navy

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This teen room has navy walls, floor-to-ceiling drapes, sculptural lighting, a comfortable bed, a classic wood desk for homework, a sleek mid-century style armchair, and a wall-mounted guitar rack that doubles as display and decor.

Pink and Yellow

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This teen room from has a cheerful palette of pink and yellow that's reinforced with patterns and graphic lines, and plenty of white and pale wood to balance out the strong colors. Matching dressers function as nightstands with plenty of storage to hide clutter.

Laptop Friendly

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In this teen room, a twin bed leaves room for a comfy sofa that offers both a place to read and hang out. A laptop table and wall sconce provides the option to turn the couch into an extra comfy homework station.

Dressed Up

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This dressed up teen room has formal polish with a youthful edge, from the floor-to-ceiling printed drapes and matching window shade to the velvet tufted headboard and bright fuschia windowseat.

Loft Bed

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Interior designer Mary Jo Major designed this teen room around a loft bed that leaves room for a spacious desk underneath, as well as a cozy reading corner with a comfy armchair.

Bunk Beds

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In this teen room from, bunk beds are dressed in a feel-good palette of salmon pink and green, while patterned wallpaper, a hanging chair, and an eclectic gallery wall add a sense of fun.

Modern Geometry

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This teen room has a light, fresh palette of soft white, gray, and pale wood tones. A natural feather juju hat over the bed, Scandi retro-inspired furnishings, and geometric touches on lighting and decor creates a stylish room that feels modern and effortless.


room ideas for teens

This teen room has a sweet pink walls, flowery pink and green wallpaper, a fanciful arched canopy bed, a whimsical bubble pendant light, and a spacious windowseat for reading and daydreaming.

Cool Toned

teen room ideas

Cool tones, graphic touches, and layered textiles create a stylish modern teen room.

Granny Chic

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This teen room mixes patterned wallpaper, ironic wall art, and bold color choices to create a quirky space with a retro spirit.


teen room ideas

A mix of patterns, vintage-style lighting and furniture, and a trio of dinosaur figurines makes this teen room both sophisticated and fun.

Pink and Gray

teen room ideas

This light and airy teen room uses a palette of pink and gray, with geometric wallpaper, a large colorful patterned rug, an upholstered velvet headboard, and a rattan hanging chair in the corner to add a boho style note.

Pink and Gold

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This classically pink and precious teen room features a bright and colorful floral patterned rug, candy colored pink drapery and upholstery, and an imposing gold-toned chandelier that acts as a centerpiece, outfitted with lampshades to keep the lighting soft and luminous when it's turned on at night.


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Blogger Ursula Carmona for Home Made By Carmona gave her teen daughter's room a grown-up refresh with soft gray walls, soft neutral textiles, gauzy floor-to-ceiling drapes, a crystal pendant light, and built-in storage between the windows to house books and display favorite objects.

Sports Fan

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A teen room doesn't have to be elaborately designed to be effective, it just needs thoughtful details that tell a story about the person who lives in it. Interior designer used navy and green plaid bedding, navy blue painted furniture, and a sports ball themed lamp and wall decor to decorate this teen room fit for a budding sports enthusiast.

Scandi Glam

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In this Scandi-inspired teen bedroom, a soft palette of black, white, and gray includes airy patterned bedding, a graphic rug, a pale gray accent wall and upholstered headboard, and touches of glam in gold-toned metallic accents on drawer pulls, and wall decor.

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